Wink Fun

I recently got a review published on the new website Wink Fun.  Wink Fun is a spinoff of Wink Books.  Wink Books provides short reviews of “remarkable books that belong on paper.” I have purchased a half dozen of these books for myself based on their reviews.  Wink Fun does for cool toys and games what Wink books does for cool books.

You can find my review of Ca$h ‘n Guns on page 2 of the site or on the Board Game page. Look for this picture.


Hopefully this won’t be my last review to show up there as I like writing about cool toys and games.  And now that I see they are carrying reviews of magic tricks . . . sweet!

So head over there to read what I say about Ca$h ‘n Guns, one of my family’s favorite games. And stick around to read about all the other cool things there.  It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping.

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