Treadmill Films 37-45 – Weirdos

What a great bunch of documentaries. Plus Crouching Tiger and Patton.  When I look at these faces, I see outsiders, freaks, and oddballs. Some may not seem that way at first. Patton, clearly an interesting (strange) dude, found himself marginalized. And even Yu Shu Lien, the woman with the sword, had sweet skills, but was not part of mainstream society; she lived on the periphery.

All of these folks found themselves outside, looking in. And rather than acquiesce, rather than give up their weirdness, they wrestled with it, and claimed it, and used it to become leaders, and to make the world a better place.

It’s hard to put nine random people into the same box like this, but I think it mostly works.  And hopefully it encourages the weirdo in all of us to rise above, and make a difference, and be the best weirdo we can be.


Let the Fire Burn. Good god, what a mess. More than enough blame to go around. Thankful for the brief focus on the good. Some hope at least.

Call Me Kuchu. What does the kingdom of god look like? A party, a shared meal, a celebration? Or a fist, a prison, a hammer? We are all one.

For the Bible Tells Me So. Brothers and sisters, just watch this and then let’s talk. The bible says a lot of things. That’s all I’m saying.

The Island President. Impressive man. Important issue. But there’s money to be made, so we’re going to use this baby up til it’s all gone.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Shakespearean Kung Fu. So good. Life’s short. Tell people you love them and ninja fight others while you can.

56 Up. Saw 28 & 42 too. The nonlinear viewing of these kids’ lives brings a peace and perspective that I’d like to have about my own kids.

Beware of Mr Baker. How much nonsense will be forgiven for great art. There is a limit. So, d-bag artists, strike while the iron is hot.

Life Itself. Watched Sneak Preview in high school. Owned three of his books before the internet proper. Loved Ebert even more after this.

Patton. Some great stuff here. The speech. The battles. The slap. The kiss. The prayer. The toast. The music. Oh . . . and George C. Scott.

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