Treadmill Films 19-27 — Courage in Film


This was a tricky group of movies to tie together. I could see that all these people all struggling. But what is it that ties these struggles together? Courage, I think.

Courage is hard. In A Summer’s Tale Margot says to Gaspard that he has no courage because he will only break up with a girl if he has another one ready to go. He has to find the courage to be his own man, to be alone. Eddie Valiant has to find the courage to face the grief of losing his brother, Gloria to face being alone, Jill McBain to face life as a widow, J.J. Gittes to stand up against the rich and powerful, and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb to face prison and a court order to stop making films. What happens when we can’t find the courage to face our challenges, to face life? If we can’t meet our challenges head on, we avoid them some other way–alcohol for Eddie and Gloria, heroin for Anders, and madness for Norma. I think that covers everyone but our Swedish vampire. What do we do with her? Is it victim blaming to say that Oskar’s lack of courage has ultimately put him in the employ of a serial killer, likely for the rest of his life. He lacked the courage to stand up to his bullies, his parents, and his friendly neighborhood vampire. “Life is hard; wear a helmet,” my youth group kids used to tell me. It’s ultimately up to each one of us to find and display the courage it takes it make it through this life.

Once Upon a Time in America-Boy, can Sergio take his time. Pretty to look at. A well told story. Good actors. Fun music. But that sound.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Just like the cartoons it celebrates, there’s more going on here than you noticed as a kid. And fun stuff holds up.

Chinatown. Much to discuss. We do what we can to keep those we love from getting hurt, but they’re going to get hurt anyway, seems the gist.

Let the Right One In. Swedish vampire! How much difference between the undead protagonist and bully antagonist? Do we choose who we are?

This Is Not a Film. Intriguing and compelling sequences between the parts that seem like grandma walking around with her new video camera.

Oslo Aug 31. A clean junkie spends a day searching for life’s meaning. Finds none. Side of heroin with your nihilism? Well made & sad.

Gloria. A lovely portrait. We are never too old. Never too old to try, to fail, to seek, to find, to lose, to try again. The tough survive.

A Summer’s Tale.Much walking and talking.Longest wait for a 1st kiss ever (worth it). And sometimes that’s all you get. Oh to be young again.

Sunset Blvd. Norma Desmond, the original cougar. Smart words, smart shots, noir, sad. Swanson was so good & so crazy. Fun to see young Webb.


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