Thunder Lizard


From Sierra Vista, a city whose name actually means Thunder Lizard


How is everything. Dad, how was your golf game with A Saturday? Mike, thanks for the letter.  Glad to hear you’re lifting–but twice nothing is still nothing when it comes to whippin’ me.*  I’ve got your chest sunburn beat–I got burned on the small of my back down to my undies from painting bent over with too small a shirt on.  I have the other Mac Slade novel here–The Tinseltown Murders, Oooooooo! Mom, congratulations on your tan! (vanities, vanities)

We went to the big Sierra Vista swap meet this morning.  I bought  book–Dune.  So far all I’ve bought is a couple of books, a couple of magazines, a tape, shampoo, notebooks, pens and a surprise for someone in my family. But I’m Not Tellin’ Whoooo! Yesterday we helped K–the other guy who works for D & who got his master’s in English a couple of weeks ago–move into his new apartment.  He did live out in the country, but wanted to be closer to town (in town)–his wife is “in the family way” after all. Mike (Mom and Dad too), when are you coming down? We’re planning on going to Lake P-something, Powel maybe–up north sometime the first week of August (my last week). It’s a BIG lake–good skiing I guess.  It’d be good if you could come down then sometime.  Lil’ M’s crawling real good.  He’s wanting to walk pretty bad.  He’s also composed one full opera score.  Pretty unexciting week this week.  Maybe I’ll buy another tape today.  That might liven things up a bit.  See ya all.



P.S. I’m not in the service. I dress this way because it makes me look good. Dang Good!

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