This Bud’s for You


I think it was my first senior trip as a senior sponsor. The trip was to St. Louis, and one of our stops was the brewery tour. Maybe that doesn’t seem that appropriate for a high school trip, but it’s pretty educational, and it’s free. After the tour everyone is treated to drinks in the hospitality room. I declined beer, I was partially in charge of some high school kids after all, and opted for an orange energy drink which the guy served up in a half pint beer glass. Back at a table full of kids, a boy asked me what I got. “I don’t know,” I said, “something orange.” I slid it across the table to him. “Want to try it?” I could immediately read the faces of the kids at my table and the nearby tables. They thought I’d returned with a beer and offered it to a student. Apparently the kids weren’t the only ones that thought I was enjoying a refreshing orange colored beer. The other sponsors did too. . .


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