The truth shall set you free

the truth shall set you free

When I was a kid, dad rented part of his building to a Christian bookstore. So whenever we’d be down to see Dad, we’d stop in and look around, talk to the manager Judy, play with the toys, and generally raise havoc. As with any retail business, not everything sells. As a result, it seems we ended up with a bit of (is second rate too harsh?) Christian merch, like this button. I also had access to the gnarly Jack Chick comics that Judy wisely considered too obnoxious, or maybe just noxious, for the shelves. Best of all, the sample albums that were deemed too hard rocking to play in the store were bequeathed to me, introducing me to good Christian music–Resurrection Band, Daniel Amos, Steve Taylor, Larry Norman, 77’s, Undercover.

Friend Carrie: I had this button!

Friend Jeannie: I think I have this button too!

Friend Julie: When I looked at this button I thought of you, Carrie, before I read your post. Now I know why! LOL

Resurrection Band Rocking It



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