The Great Race

This pin takes me back to an experience that I had almost forgotten. When the discussion comes up, I usually say, honestly, that I’ve only ever had too much to drink one time. I say that honestly because I always forget the other times but one. The Great Race in Ashland Kansas that I attended was in the summer of 1989, I think between graduating from k-state and going off to England. So it was a time of great transition in my life. The button makes me think there’s some sort of water race involved. But I don’t recall any of that. I remember drinking all day with some of my fraternity brothers, wandering down the empty streets of Ashland late at night, writing an anonymous letter about my unplanned future to a Methodist pastor, and an awkward goodbye to a girl I had pursued unsuccessfully at Kansas State. A better writer would tie this up with something deep, but you’ll have to find your own meaning in all this. I’m glad I made the long drive (Ashland is close to nowhere but the Oklahoma panhandle). And I’m glad I found this button.
Friend Matt: It was a 26 mile relay race that included canoeing, running, biking, riding a horse and a tricycle leg at the end. Mainly a way to get together and drink.

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  1. Kevin Jones

    Hello… It was great coming across your blog post here about the Great Race in Ashland, KS… I ran it in 1986 on my way back from Oklahoma to California… It was a hoot for sure. I ran the 10K leg of this relay in 29:29.6. Can’t remember a lot of what went on in detail but do remember everyone gathered at the Elks Club – VFW the night before and everyone placed a friendly wager – bet on who was going to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd… Although money was put on the table by those that organized teams it was all in good taste and hopefully all legal LOL… Wish there was more out there on the web about this race… It appears that they have tried to revive and run it over the years but not quite as successfully as back in the day… Thanks for sharing a bit of your experience before you set across the pond while heading back home after graduating college. Kevin


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