The Big Birthday


You know the birthday. The big one. The one everyone looks forward to and then, in one way or another, regrets. I don’t want to go into details, partly because I can’t. So let me try to construct a sort of word collage. A couple of beers with friends. A boss who wishes me happy birthday and gives me the night off. Assurances from my friends, just a couple more and then home for t.v. Me blowing out a burning drink, downing it, grabbing another burning drink from the person next to me, blowing it out, and downing it. A spinning sleeping dorm. An aborted attempt to go to class. An afternoon visit from a friend with a beer for each or us, hair of the dog he said. No thanks I said. More spinning. A last attempt to rise, clean up and dinner with a friend. Two bites of Showbiz pizza. Home again. To bed again. Older. Wiser.

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