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This one makes me miss the days of teaching creative writing.  I tried to use the students’ writing time to write myself.  Partly to know the challenges the kids were going through; partly just to write.  Not on the state test, creative writing.  But it was fun to see the kids create amazing stuff.  Makes me jealous of the art & music teachers.




I look up from my work.

I’ve been crossing out lines

and writing new ones

and kind of forgot where I was –

on my stool – perched above

a classroom half-full of

high school students.


Some sit near one another,

others alone.  Their heads down,

pens and pencils move across paper.

Hands on faces – cheek, chin, forehead.

One chews a fingernail.

If you can hear thinking,

it sounds like this.


But this isn’t how it starts.

It starts always with questions,

questions I think I just answered.

“Sooooo . . . What are we supposed to be doing?”

A little chatting as I scan the room,

quietly reminding my students

why we’re here.


Then, like little girls at a slumber party,

they begin to drop off.

The sea of blue, black and

gray hoodies scribble silently.