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Boost the Cowboys

boost the cowboys

Cowboy pride. This button takes me right back to the Abilene High School gym during a basketball game. Even before I was in high school, the basket ball games were like a carnival, so much to see and do. The concession stand where a kid can socialize and horse around without being under the watchful eye of a parent, and maybe, if he’s got a couple quarters in his pocket, get a hot dog and a drink. The dark basement halls that led back to the high school proper, very mysterious to a grade school kid. The pep band, which rocked. Even when I was in band, which I didn’t really enjoy much, pep band was fun. We really did rock. The crowd, which as a kid, was easily the most people you would see in one place in Dickinson County, especially if we were playing a nearby rival.

I have one creepy memory of these games from when I was a kid. I was using a urinal in the men’s room (that’s where they kept them even back then), and a giant man of a high school kid (that’s how I remember him–he was probably a scrawny little punk) turn to me asked me if I wanted some weed. Then he turned to his friends and guffawed. I quietly said no, finished up, and beat it out of there. But mostly I remember cheering with my friends, playing in the band, talking to girls in the concession stand, and then after the game, hanging out at the Pizza Hut or cruising Buckeye. I wouldn’t go back, but I sure enjoyed it at the time.

Another One Bites the Snow

No, this was not written by Weird Al. I believe this was written by my weird brother instead.  Inspired, I imagine, by a family ski trip, and the constant playing of the Another One Bites the Dust on top 40 radio, the young bard penciled this song parody while in the back of the Suburban on the way home from the slopes.  Warning: Do not sing this backward.  The technique of backward masking has been used to encourage people to smoke marijuana.  Some believe it was in fact this seemingly family-friendly skiing song that resulted in Colorado’s recent legalization of weed. Others point to John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High.

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