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. . . from the “Hungry i” The Kingston Trio


From the Hungry i . . . The Kingston Trio.  I used to listen to this one a lot as a kid. I was only about 20 years behind the times.  What kept bringing me back to this album is the energy of the live performance. Back then, and now to a lesser extent, I am of course drawn to the funny stuff– the silly songs and bits humor in between. Mom and Dad also had the greatest hits album, and 35 years later I still remember the words to some of the fun ones there–MTA, in particular, and of course the not so funny Tom Dooley. But that album is nothing compared to listening to three guys and their acoustic instruments in a nightclub carrying that audience along that journey of emotional and musical highs and lows, comedy and drama, from the raucous to soft and sweet and back again. It’s a master class in audience control, if one is interested in such things. And even if you’re not, and I guess most people aren’t, it’s a great ride to be taken on, one that I have traveled and enjoyed dozens of times, even on a low quality recording, by today’s standards, that has to be flipped over and restarted in the middle of the act.

The show (album) starts out with the quiet and funny Tic, tic, tic. (Back then my mom had to explain the joke to me).

And it ends with the audience joining in on the party rock anthem Oh When the Saints.

And sandwiched between, as I’ve said, is that musical journey.  Here are a couple of my favorites (I like the silly upbeat ones best).  Enjoy.

And of course M.T.A.

Live High on the Hog at Alco

live high on the hog

Another Alco story. Mike and I would occasionally pedal the mile or so up town to purchase a new album. I don’t know what the occasion was this time, whether we had some money burning a hole in our pocket or what. But after perusing the selection we some how ended up with a Funkadelic record. I think it was one nation under a groove. I wish I was privy to our conversation back then because this doesn’t seem like a record we would have normally bought. But we got it, pedaled it home, and opened it up. To our horror the inside was a sort of porno cartoon (I think I found it on line, but I’m not posting it here).

The record never made it out of the sleeve. We were scared to death of mom finding that thing. I don’t think we had time to return it that day, so we shoved it between the mattress and box springs for the night. At our next opportunity we returned it for a refund. To bad about the dirty pictures, as it would be years before I finally learned to love me some P-Funk.

Brother Mike: I don’t remember returning it, I remember destroying it (ripping the cover into little pieces and putting it in the trash outside) but maybe that is just what I did in my mind. I, too, wonder how we came to purchase it. It seems like it would have been pre Sugar Hill Gang days.

One nation under a groove