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The Great Race

This pin takes me back to an experience that I had almost forgotten. When the discussion comes up, I usually say, honestly, that I’ve only ever had too much to drink one time. I say that honestly because I always forget the other times but one. The Great Race in Ashland Kansas that I attended was in the summer of 1989, I think between graduating from k-state and going off to England. So it was a time of great transition in my life. The button makes me think there’s some sort of water race involved. But I don’t recall any of that. I remember drinking all day with some of my fraternity brothers, wandering down the empty streets of Ashland late at night, writing an anonymous letter about my unplanned future to a Methodist pastor, and an awkward goodbye to a girl I had pursued unsuccessfully at Kansas State. A better writer would tie this up with something deep, but you’ll have to find your own meaning in all this. I’m glad I made the long drive (Ashland is close to nowhere but the Oklahoma panhandle). And I’m glad I found this button.
Friend Matt: It was a 26 mile relay race that included canoeing, running, biking, riding a horse and a tricycle leg at the end. Mainly a way to get together and drink.