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Treadmill Films 73-81




Blue Ruin. If you ever forget what it is that violence begets, this will remind you. Sometimes it’s too late. Sometimes, hope. Great film.

Hot Fuzz. Hilarious, disgusting, fun, satisfying flick. Action-packed, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride? I think so. Aaaaaaaa! Bang bang bang!

Undefeated. Great football doc. about relationships and people struggling to do the right thing and sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding.

The Station Agent. I totally get it. People can be such an intrusion and a bother. I like a reminder that they’re also the reason we’re here.

Stories We Tell. Intriguing & surprising. Much to ponder: the effect our lives have, how well can we know each other, & love despite it all.

This is Spinal Tap. Yes, I watched it again. And again and again. This free form jazz odyssey of a film goes to 11! Talk about mud flaps!

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present. Early on I rolled my eyes at her work. Before it was over I found myself moved and sort of a fan.

The Impostor. If Hitchcock directed a documentary. I enjoy being led down the primrose path then clubbed from behind. Or was I? Or did they?

Food, Inc. Loved the happy farmer. Now I need to find a local pork and poultry source. Oh, and #Monsanto seems like a butthole of a company.



I’ve been fortunate enough to take a few trips on Amtrak. One of the best was playing board games with a group of seniors on the way to a Chicago senior trip. One of the worst was on the way to D.C. with my wife and the kids. It was an overnight trip. There was a woman a few rows ahead of us (we weren’t on a sleeper car) who had night-time dementia. She kept screaming at and hitting her adult daughter. “This is not my home!!!! Why did you bring me here!!!! Why are you going to kill me!!!! Although when you kill me, I’d rather you use liquid, and not a knife.” Sad, annoying, scary for the kids, and a little amusing as well. Four-year-old son suggested we call the conductor to ask her to stop the screaming.