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By the Light of the Moon

light of the moon

I’d finally had enough students tell me how great Dean Koontz was, that when I found a couple of his novels at a library sale, I picked them up. Koontz writes thrillers, not a genre I’m that familiar with. I’ve read a couple by King. Or at least I’ve started a couple. Pet Semetary I couldn’t finish; it was just that nothing was happening, and two-thirds of the way through, I gave up. I also started It, but didn’t get but several pages in. I found that as I have kids, I didn’t enjoy reading about bad stuff happening to kids. So to be fair, my King experience is limited. I’ve read three of Koontz’s novels. What I like about Koontz is that while he does thrust us into a world of darkness, there is someone there for us to root for, there is light in the dark world. And his protagonists, in my limited experience, are people who have to screw their courage to the sticking place and face all sorts of evil in order to help out someone else, someone they may not even know. I like a protagonist who does the right thing when it’s the difficult thing to do almost as much as I like real people who do the right thing when it’s the difficult thing to do. Ok, I like real people more.

By  the Light of the Moon kept me on my toes as I never knew where it was going to go next. It went from government conspiracy to pseudo science/supernatural thriller to superhero story and then back around the horn. I finally quit trying to guess what was going to happen and just held on for the ride.  The characters here are flawed, but with a good heart.  By the end of the novel I found myself wanting to spend more time with them.  I wonder if Koontz has written other books with these characters.  It seems there is a lot more to explore with them. I’ll keep my eye out at the library book sales.