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Plainview #24

Our kids, the neighborhood vandals. Student Podcasts. The movie Comedian.  The t.v. shows The Office and My Name is Earl. Matt joins Hapkido.  Mare stresses out.

It’s funny to think back to when we watch television shows at the time and dates when they were broadcast by the networks.  We only do that now if it’s a Chief’s game or there is a tornado warning.

Plainview #23

If you’re having trouble sleeping, this is the podcast for you! We were pretty low energy on this one.  So low energy that I couldn’t bother to edit the thing.  At the end there is a minute of us mumbling about whether or not we’d covered the week’s worth of events.  We talk about homecoming, Sunday school, school, and the media.  In the past 10 years–school technology is still an issue, The Office was able to maintain their quality for several years, My Name is Earl did not, and Mare still hasn’t watched an episode of South Park.  Listen if you dare.

Plainview #22

Plainview #22 is a media blitz.  Media covered in this show: Podcasts — our own;  Television — My Name is Earl & The Office (both new shows at the time); Movies — Team America & What the Bleep do we Know; Books — Harry Potter, The Watchmen & The Gangster We’re All Looking For; News — why can’t they get things right about hurricane Katrina?  We also talk about our kids and the weird things about them including Will’s concern about meeting Johnny Appleseed and Maly trying to decide whose side she’s on–God’s or Mom’s.

Sit On It!


Ayyyyyyyyyyyy! Happy Days was the sitcom of my childhood. It started out a little edgy–remember when the reefer smoking beatniks visited the Cunnunghams?–and then got dumber and dumber until the Fonz literally jumped the shark. And of course it must have spun off nearly a dozen other shows. But there for a while Fonzie was the man and elementary school kids of the 70s were fluent in 50s slang (or maybe just Happy Days slang). We even had a record, the final track a collection of Fonzie catch phrases so you could practice them at home. That settles it, I’m greasing back the hair today. Later, nerds!