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Films 181 – 189

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Good Will Hunting. Great performances. Despite the swelling strings, too neat ending, and “It’s not your fault,” I still like them apples.

Russian Ark. Impressive feat. But more of a cool trick than compelling film? What do I know. I’ve never made film more than 10 minutes long.

Ali. Things I liked: It’s not a standard bio-pic. The long opening collage. We see Ali at his best and his not so good. Smith’s performance.

The Trials of Muhammad Ali. Things I liked: Historical background. Ali boxing. Ali trash talking. Second wife Belinda Ali trash talking.

The Three Stooges. A movie that clearly had to be made. Cuz. Um . . . Larry David as a nun. Annnnd . . . The snowman joke. Annnd. Ummm . . .

Quest for Fire. Soft spot in my heart for cavemen/movies. Perlman is amazing. Explains man’s love for fire, hunting, and out-of-town girls.

The Crucible. About my 10th time. Still love it. Great writing. Abigail’s awful. Proctor’s great. Giles is pimp. “More weight. That’s pimp!”

Dope. A great Risky Business update: kid uses business savvy to get into college, funny and exciting, and awkward bits for family viewing.

Iron Man 2. In order of importance. Mickey Rourke’s super sweet electric whips! Charming performances. Many laughs. Good fighting. The plot.

Films 172 – 180


Braveheart. So William Wallace/Mel Gibson is like Jesus, but Jesus the enemy-killing, cuckolding homophobe? Otherwise pretty good I guess.

Iron Man. I’m shocked, shocked! that my weapons ended up in the wrong hands. [builds new cool weapon] Oh no, not again! Fun superhero movie.

Napoleon Dynamite. Most of us weren’t this awkward, but this is how awkward we felt. And the ending gives hope even to us super-nerds. Gosh!

The English Patient. So a love afair, lots of looks, a bath, a war, and she dies. That takes 3 hours? I was more interested in Kip and Hana.

X-men. So not a lot of depth to the characters. And the big story arc isn’t resolved. But it’s a fun starting place. And many films to go.

Moonrise Kingdom. Exceeded expectations. It’s us broken people who can and need to take care of us broken people. Fun. And the quirky works.

X2. A good action movie that happens to be a superhero movie too. And like X1, about other things. “Son, have you tried not being a mutant?”

The Nice Guys. The McGuffin’s kind of dumb. But I enjoyed this hilarious action-packed L.A. noir. Great action, performances, and dialogue.

Beverly Hillbillies. Low expectations + your kid laughing a lot + Buddy Ebsen = mildly enjoyable film. *Every* scene ends with a dopey face!