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The Trip to Kentucky

This last memory of Elaine come from my sister of sorts.  She’s a girl that I spent a lot of time with.  Partly because our folks were friends, and partly because we were in youth group together.  My folks were our middle school youth group leaders, and one summer they took 7 girls and my brother and me on a work mission to Kentucky.  All nine of us in the Suburban.  It was quite a trip.  I’m blessed that I have a mom that so many of my friends liked and respected, a mom who took good care of people, me, my brother and my dad especially.

Initially, I had some difficulty in coming up with memories to share about Elaine, but the longer I typed the more I remembered.  I now think with a little more time I could do several more pages.

I don’t formally remember meeting Elaine, which is probably due to the fact that I was too young at the time.  However, meeting us girls has to be a good memory of hers.

The first thing that came to mind when I was asked to write something was when Mom and Elaine took us all the kids to Grandpa and Grandma’s during harvest.  Grandpa had completed some of his wheat harvest and we had decided to go exploring on the farm.  There was always so much to see and explore at their house.  At some point we were told by an adult that we were not to get into the large harvest truck that contained harvested wheat.  I guess that is when it became inevitable that we would explore it.  I think we had misinterpreted what NOT really meant.  So at some point during the day we found ourselves climbing on the side of the wheat truck in Grandpa’s barn.  I am not sure what the conversation was like, but I do remember looking at all that wheat and thinking it would be fun to get in it.

Eventually we made our way back to the house.  There we were greeted by Elaine who knew what we had been up to despite that fact that we denied it.  (I think it was the wheat kernels that surrounded us that might had given it away.)  The end result was getting spanked by Elaine with a yellow broom.  I don’t know if the spanking hurt me physically, but I am sure it hurt my pride even as a little girl.  However, I think it taught me one important lesson.  I better take Elaine seriously, because she means business!

On one hot summer day Elaine came out to our house to pick strawberries.  The patch was hidden well behind the cedar trees, which surrounded our backyard.  At some point Elaine decided she was hot.  After a few minutes of conversation with Mom she decided it was okay to take off her shirt and pick strawberries in her bra!  Let me tell you I can still see Elaine in my mind standing in the middle of that strawberry patch with a very un-sexy bra and a very white stomach.  Actually, everything was very white!

Who could forget going to Kentucky?  Bill and Elaine were so brave to take on that challenge of seven girls and two sons.  The yellow paint, thinning of the cane, the nasty pool, eating moon pies, everyone gets sick, one girl’s large sebaceous cyst on her face, which I watched Elaine pop!  Then there was the song we made up that went like this…….I’m a Carrie you’re a Carrie we are Carrie’s all and when we get together we do the Carrie call.  Then we would pretend like we were talking none stop, because that‘s what Carrie would do.  Everyone’s name was included, but Carrie was the easiest to remember, other than the girl whose was all about vomit!

In closing, I would like to tell you Elaine how much you have meant to me.   It is always great to see you no matter what the circumstances might be.  A smile comes to my face just thinking about you.  I feel blessed to call you my friend and thankful to have so many wonderful memories of you, Bill, Matt and Mike.

Happy Birthday and May God Bless you with many more wonderful years!

I love you!

One Way to Pick Strawberries

Here’s a popular story about my mom from a childhood friend, one of three sisters that I spent a lot of time with during my childhood.


I remembered a little Elaine memory…one I had forgotten.   Elaine came over to pick strawberries one summer afternoon.   I am thinking I was helping, but being a teenager I probably was not!  Anyway, it was pretty hot so Elaine decided to take her shirt off and pick strawberries in her bra!  She figured we were out in the middle of the country; it was more about being cool than modest.  I remember thinking I can’t believe she is out here picking strawberries without her shirt on in her bra.

Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday.  I am sure the laughter will not stop upon reading the memories of your mom.  Hey if you are ever looking for Bill stories. . . I will never forget when we all were sitting around your dining room table and his chair broke!