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The Great Softball Cryout

[I have not idea what the softball cryout it/was. I don’t know what happened to Mike’s turtle. Some mysteries are just lost to time.  I did figure out the p.s and p.s.s. with the help of Google.]




Mike – thanks for the letter

Mom – thanks for disinheriting me

Dad – thanks

Actually parents – living with two parents of a young son who at present is teething very badly makes me appreciate very very much your raising me.  Thanks a lot. (Of course I don’t think it will be necessary to remind me of this during any future arguments that may occur between us.)

Mike – in response to your letter: Good deal about Sports Editor, sorry about your turtle, and I’ll believe the Cosby tape is coming soon when it gets here.

Thanks for the pictures and it’s good to know that the R.C. is still delivering that controversial, intense, horizon expanding journalism that we have all come to expect. (Have you ever heard [of] the ball–softball-cryout after being hit by Palmer.  Mike, could you get a little farther from the plate.)  In the softball league that D plays on there is no official.  the team that is up to bat supplies two–one at home and one at first–they cover the whole field.  As far as strikes and balls are concerned, the pitch to be so high of course but there is a piece of rubber or indoor/outdoor carpet that goes behind the plate as illustrated in diagram 2.


The area behind the plate is the “strike zone.” If it hits there it’s a strike, otherwise it’s a ball.  Kinda different.

Since I’ve been here I’ve seen 1 dead scorpion in a house we were painting, 2 tarantulas in the road, which we stopped to look at, and a bunch of road runners.

Saturday morning N and a couple of neighbors are having a garage sale.  I think I’m going to buy a Van Gosh (Starry Night).  It would sure add some class to the room at the house.  I’ve been running about every other day about 2 – 2 1/2 miles.  D & I are going to go 3 1/2 Sunday morning.  Mike–remind me to tell you about a great game we can play on the way home.  And when you get here we–you & me & D & N & M–are going to do something –go to the mountains or something. I wish you people would let me know when I need to be back to school. I haven’t accumulated enough stuff to sell anything at the garage sale–but I’m working on it–it’s a joke!  Well, I haven’t told you much, but I don’t have anything left to tell.  See ya soon. Love you.  Keep me posted.



P.S. “Dress cool – like your life depended on it.”

P.P.S. Dress up – Go anywhere

Dress down – like you just don’t care

Remember one simple rule

Dress cool