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What is that?

There may be a name for this thing, but I don’t know what this is. It’s something they built in shop class, but it may not have been called that then. It might have started to be transformed to a class with the word “technology” in the name somewhere.  It’s the class I teach now.

These kids are grown men now.  One of them trims and cuts down trees for a living. The other is an engineer.  I love how pleased these two look with themselves.  I’m sure they were happy with the structure they built out of newspapers and masking tape.  But knowing them, they were even more pleased that they both managed to fit inside it. For a boy, it’s hard to beat a fort, regardless of the size.

what the heck is that

Plexiglass Matt


Cut this plexiglass bad boy out on the band saw back in 8th grade.  Notice the craftsmanship.  You don’t get those jaggedy edges accidentally.  You have to do a lot of stopping, realigning, and starting again to get that effect.  What’s scarey is I’m sort of our school’s shop teacher.  (Plexiglass is not part of the curriculum.)