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My Columbia Record Order

Feb. 1987

I apologize for the way I wrote most of this letter.  This stupid Robin Hood style, as I call it later in the letter, makes me want to travel back in time and smack the crap out of me. Maybe the stress of school was pushing me over the edge. I like that I seemed to have just received an initial order from the recently bankrupt Columbia record club.  I’m sure that I was kidding about pirating my new tapes.  I remember all those tapes.  Good stuff. Played the heck out of them.  It’s interesting how little of my life I remember.  I have no memory of the hotel experience or the play or, of course, almost everything I ever learned in most of my classes.  Fortunately Regan didn’t reinstate the draft in order to invade Nicaragua. Unfortunately it didn’t take conscription for the U.S. to invade other countries. (Unfortunately they invaded them, not that we didn’t have the draft, you know what I mean.) So here’s the letter.  And again, I’m really really sorry.

To the Clan of Sears of Abilene from the first born son of Bill and Elaine.


First I address my baby brother, second son of Bill and Elaine, the one to who was passed on the height, the one who is called The Milkman. I did, as did those of my hose who accompanied me, enjoy immensely the ballgame against the cursed Irish.  It was a blast, I can well and honestly say.  I plan on attending all of the sub-state and state contests as i can well manage with my busy days.  The State contests fall upon the first end-of-the-week of the annual Spring Rest and therefore should be of no problem to attend.  Also of interest, perhaps, to Sears the younger is the names of the tapes which I received by the post today. The list includes inclusively–Paul Simon, Graceland; Bangles, Different Light; The Cars, Greatest of Hits; Elvis Costello, Blood and Chocolate; Iggy Pop, Blah, blah, blah; REM, Life’s Rich Pageant; George Thorogood, Live; U2, The Unforgettable Fire.  You can pirate any of these which happen to tickle your fancy when I come home the second Fire or Saturn day in the month of the war god Mars.

And now for a more general information which, I surely hope, is of interest to all of the Clan of Sears of Abilene not excluding the noble hound Sadie and the imperial (for I believe there is such a word) Cookie.  This end-of-the-week I spent in Kansas City of Kansas where I attended the Acacia retreat of officers, at which we discussed amongst the members of teh alumni, problems and issues of interest in the house of Acacia of the State University of Kansas. It was a good time although we locked ourselves out of one of our two rooms and the, if I may say so, skin head of a night manager (for it was the last hour of the day of Fire) would not let us back in. Therefore we had no choice but to sleep, the lot of us, in one room. It was, in the morning ironed out, and we did not render forth gold, nay or any other currency, for the room we did not use. We stayed, by the way, at the Double Tree, of which the Clan of Sears of Abilene has, on occasion, rested their heads at the end of a hard day in Kansas City of Kansas or Kansas City of Missouri also called KCMO.

Our formal is this end-of-the-week. Yes, yes, before ye get started let me tell you I have a place for the Lady S to stay–she will be the guest of Lady S of Abilene.  It should be a very good time. Concerning my marks at school, I am doing am doing above all of my classes the I (Sorry I’m getting a head ache from all this Robin Hood talk–I’ll have to stop.) [Thank god.] I’ve taken two tests in P. World – 99% & 92%. I’ve taken two quizzes in Music – 92% & 96%. I’ve handed in 1 paper in Acting – B (but I can’t act). We took a test in Am Novel – haven’t’ got it back yet. And as far as I can tell, I’m doing fine in Library–far as I can tell. I’m struggling not to get behind, but I don’t know what the big deal is. I’m always behind by now.  Things are going along at the same old pace. Seems like last year this time I felt the same way–like I’m really tired and would rather be doing just about anything else.  Just what a parent whats to hear, huh? But have no fear. I’m not contemplating quitting school–not yet. 🙂

Are we going skiing over spring break? Just curious. I went to a play with Michelle S the other day. It was a weird one. Tomorrow From Any Window–real weird. I’ll have to tell you about it later.  I also went to see the Little Rascal Festival this weekend.  100 nonstop minutes of Buckwheat, Stimey, Weazer, Spanky, Butch, Alphalpha, Darla, and Pete. Fun. Welp, thanks for hte letter. Guess I better get to some reading–Saul Bellows Henderson The Rain King. Of course for my class.  See you in about two weeks at substate and three for state and spring break.  Send me a schedule of times and places and dates for all the games.  Bye bye. Love you.


P.S. I thought these articles from the Collegian were kind of interesting–scarey? maybe.  Don’t throw them away.