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Plainview #30

Next on Big Guns and Scary Melons:

Snow Day! So lets talk about slightly racist Dr. Seuss and Memories of Murder. And MaryEllen throws down the gauntlet for Christian supporters of the death penalty.  This 10-year challenge has not yet been met!  Then listen closely at the end where you’ll hear Mare call me brilliant.

The Cool Cast aka Plainview #1

Here it is.  The legendary beginnings Bates county’s oldest continually  running podcast (back when it was continually running).  It wasn’t yet named The Plainview; in fact, the name was still up for debate when we went on the air.  Since this broadcast on March 24, 2005, we have indeed acquired an additional computer, and the internet has replaced our t.v. viewing, but not in the way we thought.  And our son, while still loud, I think has actually gotten quieter in the last decade.  And here’s a link to Mare’s blog, last post, March 2005.