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Super Fan

A memory of my mom from one of my cousins.


I don’t have a long story, but several good memories.

Aunt Elaine (Uncle Bill too when time allowed) has taken time to be one of the many “Number 1 fans” who was there for my basketball games in high school and for many of my kids’ activities throughout their high school years and even college.

My dad knew how to yell at games (mom would have, but dad was probably shushing her), but by far the loudest fan I had at several basketball games was my Aunt Elaine.  You would have thought that she wrote the book on basketball and all of the rules too!  She always seemed to know the rules better than the officials did!!

My kids have been fortunate to not only have their grandparents attending their activities, but their Great Aunt Elaine too.  She’s taken time to attend musicals, football games, basketball games, track meets, the state track meet, and most recently KSU football games to watch the marching band (I guess she’s there for the football team too).  Elaine & Bill’s home has also been a great place for breaks on trips to Manhattan and a wonderful bed & breakfast for trips to Manhattan and life guard training too!  Needless to say, you’ve touched our lives in many ways Aunt Elaine.

Thanks for the love, laughter and unending advice you’ve provided us over the years.

Happy Birthday!!!!