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Plainview #20

On Plainview #20 we talk about Will’s birthday and superman, estate tax & FEMA, too much news, my 20th class reunion, movie reviews and Christ in the movies.

Remember when we had to wait a few days for our next Netflix movie?

Our libertarian rant makes me wonder if I have I become less libertarian in the last 10 years, or if my libertarian focus shifted to all the handouts the rich get from our government, maybe as the right has shifted more to the right.

Plainview #19

In episode #19 we respond to listener mail.  We remember when we used to get our movies at the grocery store.  We talk about a couple movies, American Splendor and Superman.  Mare predicts that her first group of 6th graders will be one of her best. (They have since graduated from high school, and her prediction holds true.) We wonder about the pledge.  And the boy impresses us with his hapkido yells.

Plainview #18

In episode 18 you’ll hear about the following: getting ready for the first day of school; The Downfall fallout, aka Mare’s breakdown; the joys of Netflix, the new cleaning lady–we still don’t have people over on Friday; Pat Robertson’s call for assassination; and the Fed making buying drugs a “pain in the ass.”

Plainview #17

Plainview #17

Mare anticipates her first day of school.  Gosh she’s grown up so fast.  We celebrate our entry into the world of Netflix.  This would have been the dvd renting service, not streaming.  Our first movie, not yet watched at the recording of this episode?  Downfall.  If only we had known the pain that movie would cause.  Did god know?  Does he know the future?  And we remember the t.v. shows we were watching 10 years ago, Will’s love of hapkido, and Trent Green.