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Treadmill Films 91-99


How to Train Your Dragon 2. Funny. Great action scenes. Cool dragons. Good is more powerful than evil. Still . . . Tasty but empty calories.

Terminator. Best 80s/Arnold/action/horror/time-paradox/stop-motion-animation/quotable-lines/Linda-Hamilton-rocking-the-mom-jeans movie EVAR!

Risky Business. Man, we were self-centered in the 80s. Bit sad. Film’s still funny. And I’m reworking calendar so kids are never home alone.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Surprisingly: steroids not really that bad for you. Less so: ignorance, hypocrisy & corruption in U.S. government.

Tangerine. Loved the pacing, dialog, music and cast. Funny, sad, hopeful. Sex isn’t a cure for loneliness. We can do better. We often don’t.

Marley. Compelling doc on an intriguing dude. Much here I didn’t know (all of it). And then I listened to his music for three days straight.

Los Angeles Plays Itself. Good if a bit lengthy essay on L.A. in film. Film, architecture, police and class discussions pretty interesting.

The Act of Killing. How to deal with guilt: Denial, justification, be a moron. What’s scary: They’re not monsters. They’re people. Like us.

Exit Through the Gift Shop. Real or not, this film, the artists and their art are fascinating whether trying to make a statement or a buck.

Treadmill Films 73-81




Blue Ruin. If you ever forget what it is that violence begets, this will remind you. Sometimes it’s too late. Sometimes, hope. Great film.

Hot Fuzz. Hilarious, disgusting, fun, satisfying flick. Action-packed, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride? I think so. Aaaaaaaa! Bang bang bang!

Undefeated. Great football doc. about relationships and people struggling to do the right thing and sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding.

The Station Agent. I totally get it. People can be such an intrusion and a bother. I like a reminder that they’re also the reason we’re here.

Stories We Tell. Intriguing & surprising. Much to ponder: the effect our lives have, how well can we know each other, & love despite it all.

This is Spinal Tap. Yes, I watched it again. And again and again. This free form jazz odyssey of a film goes to 11! Talk about mud flaps!

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present. Early on I rolled my eyes at her work. Before it was over I found myself moved and sort of a fan.

The Impostor. If Hitchcock directed a documentary. I enjoy being led down the primrose path then clubbed from behind. Or was I? Or did they?

Food, Inc. Loved the happy farmer. Now I need to find a local pork and poultry source. Oh, and #Monsanto seems like a butthole of a company.

Treadmill Films 64-72


Big Night. Love this movie. Great cast. Great food. Don’t watch hungry. A metaphor here for how one should live life, i.e. big & generous.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Doc. Fascinating to imagine what we were thinking about 30k years ago. What was that last bit about albino gators?

With a Friend Like Harry. Clues you have a bad friend: kills your parents; kills your brother; then wife & little girls? Oh, spoiler alert.

Control Room. Every point of view is a view from a point (R. Rohr). So easy to think ours is the only/right one. Some glimmers of hope here.

Muscle Shoals. Interesting people. Amazing music (goosebumps). (Jerry Wexler once sat and told me (and classmates) back in the day stories.)

I am Divine. An interesting cat. Glad he felt successful at the end. Also, Beloved heavy actors–Take care of yourselves, for heaven’s sake.

Chasing Ice. A very cool and ambitious project.  Some beautiful photography. The glaciers are clearly retreating.Too late to do anything?

Deep Water. Makes you wonder how close any of us are to losing it and sailing over the edge. A circumnavigation away, or just down the road?

High Noon. Well executed tension–myth of redemptive violence vs. restorative justice. Sheriff vs Quaker. 1950s America, so sheriff wins.

Remember Milo

After returning home from Arizona, I continued to write letters home from Kansas State.  The highlight for me from this letter is the obvious Letterman reference in paragraph two.

Monday [Sept.] 22


Hi Ho

Glad to hear Mike ran well Thursday. I called Gram & Gramp yesterday to thank them for the fridge.  Gramp was at the farm helping with the Milo harvest, but I did get to talk to Gram. She said mike ran well and of course she enjoyed going to see him. She said she had just baked an apple pie and needed someone around to eat it.

Mike–guess who’s coming to Manhattan Friday. Friday at 3 PM the Pikes are having the Otis Day and the Knights play at a porch party.  They are charging $10 for the band and refreshments. We will probably be able to hear them from here, or could just go listen from the street.  Also, Second City–the comedy group from which came Bill Murray, John Belushi, John Candy, etc. will be here in October ($5). And–as if that weren’t enough–and by golly, don’t you think it ought to be–the Rainmakers (Let My People Go-Go) will also be here in October.  Don’t tell me that Manhattan isn’t the cultural center of the conquered universe.

Well, we had a party yesterday–no Saturday, yeah, Saturday.  I never did get a date. I tried. I tried.  But next time I guess I’ll have to start trying earlier.  After a few tries I decided that I wasn’t going to go with some bimbo I didn’t even know, so I said, “punt it” and went by myself. I ended up having a good time anyway.

Mom, I saw your old sweetie’s kid at Icthus last week–K C. I talked to her some.  (Asked her to the party but the Theta pledges were having some kind of retreat that weekend.  I know–I asked two of ’em.)

C called last night.  I think she and I are going to go to Coffeyville this weekend and meet M and maybe M S and watch P play some ball.  C’s still at KU of course, M is at ORU, and M S is still at Liberal, but may (or may not) come here in a semester or two.

I guess L somehow took a pill which had penicillin in it.  She is real allergic to the big P. and had a very severe reaction to it. It put her in the hospital for a little more than a week where she learned how “dumb-butt-ish” army doctors are.  I guess she’s alright now.  Usually if one misses more than a week of basic they have to repeat all of it.  But whoever is in charge is letting her continue on.

So I probably won’t go to the Renaissance Festival in KC–although I think it would be cool and that Mike might like it. C’s mom and dad are going–you might see them there.

Gotta go eat lunch.  Mike, if you are interested in seeing any of the attractions listed earlier, let me know.  See ya all later.  Good luck at Clay. I love you.



Musical Tribute

Way back when, back in the 80’s, when I spent some time in Europe, there was no skype or internet or other easy and inexpensive ways to stay in touch with people halfway around the world.  Except the mail.  When I was in England working at the pub, my brother made me series of tapes and sent them too me.  A couple of them feature virtual tours of the fraternity hours.  I don’t think I can post these as the way my brothers behaved and spoke 25 years ago isn’t a very good representation of who they are today. For most of them at least.  One of these tapes featured a visit with my family and family friend Carrie who happened to be home from college.  I don’t think I can post that one as there was some various gossip about people from the neighborhood, and occasionally it got a little mean.  Just a little.  Finally, brother Mike made me a musical tribute tape.  That one I’m going to share.  I think the clips are brief enough to keep us out of legal trouble.  Mike probably thinks he sounds dumb on the recording, but we all think that.  I think it was pretty cool to take the time to make all these and then send them to me through the mail.  It meant a lot.

The truth shall set you free

the truth shall set you free

When I was a kid, dad rented part of his building to a Christian bookstore. So whenever we’d be down to see Dad, we’d stop in and look around, talk to the manager Judy, play with the toys, and generally raise havoc. As with any retail business, not everything sells. As a result, it seems we ended up with a bit of (is second rate too harsh?) Christian merch, like this button. I also had access to the gnarly Jack Chick comics that Judy wisely considered too obnoxious, or maybe just noxious, for the shelves. Best of all, the sample albums that were deemed too hard rocking to play in the store were bequeathed to me, introducing me to good Christian music–Resurrection Band, Daniel Amos, Steve Taylor, Larry Norman, 77’s, Undercover.

Friend Carrie: I had this button!

Friend Jeannie: I think I have this button too!

Friend Julie: When I looked at this button I thought of you, Carrie, before I read your post. Now I know why! LOL

Resurrection Band Rocking It