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Films 145-153


The Duke of Burgundy. What the? Is this the movie Jerry and George kept trying to sneak into? Not much here for me. Maybe the mannequins?

Dear Zachary. Well done and moving. Do we all leave this kind of hole when we’re gone? All make this kind of difference? Sad and maddening.

Before I Disappear. Finding my sweet spot is a dark hopeless world, then a bit of hope when we dare to love. This film nails it beautifully.

Cinema Paradiso. Liked it better 25 years ago. So his magical time spent in the theater lead him to abandon his family and never find love?

Time Out. I was drawn into this man’s slow paced web of lies. I understand his pressures and frustration. But still, first world problems.

Electric Boogaloo. Fun look at some of the best worst movies of my childhood. I want to watch them all. Then bring justice to the streets!

Reservoir Dogs. Racist dialogue sticks out like sore thumb in otherwise near perfect heist/single-location film. Great shots, performances.

Shakespeare in Love. The love story moves me. The rest makes my inner Shakespeare geek smile. Great performances. (And Gwyneth-hubba hubba.)

World of Tomorrow. Dark, cute, scary, hopeful. We need reminded–watching screens alone or spending time with people, maybe playing trucks?

Plainview #23

If you’re having trouble sleeping, this is the podcast for you! We were pretty low energy on this one.  So low energy that I couldn’t bother to edit the thing.  At the end there is a minute of us mumbling about whether or not we’d covered the week’s worth of events.  We talk about homecoming, Sunday school, school, and the media.  In the past 10 years–school technology is still an issue, The Office was able to maintain their quality for several years, My Name is Earl did not, and Mare still hasn’t watched an episode of South Park.  Listen if you dare.

What does the kingdom of god look like?

One thing that brother Matt and I have in common is that we like movies. It’s nice when you have something in common with your pastor. It’s a way know that they’re alright, because they’re like you, you know what I’m saying? The difference is that Matthew is DVD guy, and I watch most of mine on Netflix. So I still worry about him a bit.

But I’ve watched several documentaries recently that have been kind of depressing because of the way that people tend to treat each other, some believers, some not. If you don’t watch documentaries, maybe you watch the new.  Similar vibe. And it made me ask, what should our role be in all of this treating each other badly that goes on in the world. What are supposed to be doing about it?

Paul writes in 2nd Corinthians, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ, and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation.Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us.”

We are called to be ambassadors for Christ, to do this work of reconciliation of all things, to help put people back into a right relationship with Christ and each other and creation. To help grow the kingdom of god.

So I’m watching these movies, and I admit that I hold Christians to a bit of a higher standard, and I’m thinking, this is not what I imagine the kingdom of god looks like. So I said to myself, self, what does the kingdom of god look like? When the master comes back, will he be impressed with they way I, with they way we, have used our talents as ambassadors of Christ?

In the kingdom of god, are fingers pointed and bricks thrown, or are hands held and bread broken?

In the kingdom of god, is it important to be right or gracious? To be comfortable or challenged? To be served or to serve?

In the kingdom of god, do enemies shout each other down, pray for each other’s destruction, and physically attack and kill each other. Or is there discussion, forgiveness, and reconciliation?

These aren’t hard questions,at least not sitting here. It’s easy to think and say the right answers. But doing them. Arrrrrrr.

So as we remember Christ’s life, death and resurrection this morning, and we think about the state of the world, let’s be encouraged that we have been called to be his ambassadors, to participate in reconciling the world to Christ. And let’s go build some kingdom of god.

Letters Home

After leaving for college, I lived just one month one summer back home.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep in touch. I recently found a stash of letters written to my folks over a period of about five years.

After high school graduation, or maybe before, I don’t remember, I signed up to attend Kansas State University. I’m not even sure you can say I was accepted, but maybe I was. Anyway, that summer I worked at the Abilene Co-op. Then I attended K-state. During that year I wrote no letters to my family, none that survived anyway, none to my knowledge.

The next summer my dad and I drove to Arizona. There I worked for a past youth group leader who was no longer in the youth group game, but was painting, mostly new construction. I painted with D., and lived with D. and his wife and young son that summer. That’s where the first letter comes from, Sierra Vista, Arizona, a booming military town at the time, about halfway between Tucson and Mexico.

I thought about just scanning these hand written letters, but decided to type them. This lets me make some edits, and will make them easier to read. I’m attempting to put these in chronological order, but mistakes may be made as some are dated and some are not.  I may not be able to resist making comments in the letters. [If I do, I’ll put them in brackets like this.]

June 11 – Wed

Dearest Family,

How are things on the ranch? They’re OK here. I got burnt today. N’s sister and brother-in-law are here–have been since Sat evening–and today we went hiking in the mountains.  We reached the peak, elevation – 9200 ft. above sea level.  Monday we went to Mexico.  I didn’t get anything for anybody, not even me.  I didn’t see anything that I needed or even wanted.  Sunday night we all went to Tuscon for an outdoor concert–classical stuff mostly.  D, and therefore me too, is taking some time off while they’re here, but we worked a little this week.  I got 40-some hours in last week.  How much would it cost to send me my running shoes? If not very much then send them.  And I would like to ask Mike to, in return for all the years of borrowing my Bill Cosby records, compile all of his (Bill’s) stuff about his kids, and having kids, and maybe when he was a kid–but mostly parent stuff, for me–N really, and send it to me on a tape. Just about anything that I’ve done and haven’t told you about is work, or playing with M, or reading , or watching videos on the neighbor’s machine.  Amadeus & Zelig (Woody Allen) thumbs up; The Meaning of Life (Monty Python) thumbs down. [Really past self? Weird, yes.  But there are parts of that movie that I love.] I was going to meet some kids someday at church, but didn’t because I left early to watch the game.  Next week.

Got here with dad Sunday night.  It rained every day till about Friday.  Now it’s hot and dry.  I’m shot form the mountain.  We hiked about 3 1/2 hours up and about 1 1/2 hours down.  Saw some deer and some lizards.  N turned her ankle pretty bad on the way down, but she’s walking on it now.

We’re going to start work at 5:30 tomorrow so I’m going to crash soon after supper.  Oh yeah. Mike–BOSTON! BOSTON! BOSTON! I’ll get my first check Friday.  Anyway, Mike, What did R. Samson say, on purpose, to the camera, about him being thrown out of the game? What kind of call was it Ralph? A bull what call? Gotta go eat.  I’m back.

I’ve been sleeping in the Arizona room–sort of a screened in porch–while the in-laws are here. It’s been really nice. So nice in fact, I think I’ll go to bed right now.  If I forget to tell you anything I’ll tell you next time I write.  Write me.  I miss you.