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Boy’s State baby! As kids, we mostly spend time with people similar to ourselves–family, friends, people at church. And we eventually, or frighteningly suddenly (I’m looking at you band camp), come to see that there are all kinds of people in the world who are different than us. One of these (less traumatizing (you again band camp)) time was Boy’s State. In this case the surprise was how motivated some of these guys were to get to the top–Governor of Boy’s State. I mean they really worked hard, put organizations in place, wrote and gave speeches. I, on the other hand was happy to chill for the week. It’s possible my local Lion’s Club picked the wrong kid for this.

I was pondering my lack of motivation as a teen, and was reminded of the teen movies I grew up on–Ferris Bueller, Brad from Fast Times, Nick Cage’s character in Valley Girl, the Breakfast Club gang, and especially Joel Goodson (great name) from Risky Business. I don’t suppose we gen-x-ers had any more righteous reason to rebel against the system than the generations before or since. And I suspect my lack of motivation to fight my way to the top of Boy’s State had nothing to do with my disgust at the self indulgent 80s. I didn’t think that deeply in high school. I barely do now. While traveling this thought tunnel, I realized my Pandora was playing the band Fun–the song from them you always hear–catchy and pretty, and I had to turn on some Dead Kennedy’s. Kill the Poor. Much more appropriate for these nostalgic moods.

Anyway–Top 4 Memories from Boy’s State: 1) the cheer-leading camp being held at a nearby dorm the same week and being required to hoot and scream and moan like a caveman every time we saw the girls so everyone would be clear that we liked girls and wanted to do sexy things with them. 2) on a related note, constantly discussing the rumor that there was salt peter (some kind of anti-horny chemical) in the food. 3) marching in rows and columns everywhere we went. It wasn’t so bad as there were lots of dirty call and response chants that we did while marching, many of which I still remember, and 4) Norbert Herbert, a very cool, very funny I guy I hung out with during the week. Norby was Norbert Herbert the 3rd. How’s that for a family with a sense of humor. He made it a good week for me.