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It’s Our Environment Too!


I’m not sure why the tree is growing out of the chemistry flask. Is this an early pro gmo button? It seemed like when I was in elementary school that the ecology movement was a new thing. I know that when one is in elementary school everything seems like a new thing, chasing girls, learning bad words, scary big kids. But I think I’m right on this one. Seems like the first earth day was in the early 1970s. Our playground had three different pieces of equipment made out of recycled tires. And they were fun. Two were really high climbing things, probably pretty dangerous. And I remember a film they showed us–Me-cology, and the catchy little tune–That’s ecology and me, that’s mecology. The film told us not to trash up,the earth.

Oh, and it was a big deal when they put a log on our playground. It was a big log, laid down in the far corner of the playground. They told us that we would be able to study all sorts of wildlife that might make this log their home. We were told to leave it alone and let nature take it’s course. Well, it became the recess hangout for many of the boys. We weren’t supposed to be on it, but since it was so far from the school, none of our old teachers wanted to walk all the way out to it to shoo us off. In the first year it had been stripped of its bark. It became the meeting place for fights–“After school, at the log!” As far as a home for wildlife, a few insects made their way to the log. Those found were, to be fair, studied briefly, then played with, and finally, of course, squished. If that’s not an ecological lesson, I don’t know what is.