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Please Pardon Me


I can tell you one thing.  This kid never wrote this eloquently on any of the essays I assigned him.  I have no idea what this kid, or his two accomplishes are currently doing with their lives.  I hope they have given up the criminal life, have stopped gluing pennies to things, and are using their skills to make the world a better place.



This is of course a campaign button for Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States. He was elected in 1924, but took office before that when Harding died. What’s weird to me is that my grandpa Sears could have voted for this man. It always blew my mind that grandpa had been born in the 1800’s. That was like cowboy times for heaven sake. I know I’m old, but to have only one generation separating me from people born in cowboy times. One of my grandmothers, I can never remember which, had Native Americans knock on her door to trade. My dad can remember the gypsies coming through and everyone checking to make sure their kids were accounted for.

Anyway, grandpa Sears. I wish I’d got to know him better, but we were never that close. We were Sears’s after all. I know he got on the train to fight in World War I, and by the time the train stopped the war was over. I know he was a banker during the Great Depression, and he never foreclosed on anyone. And I know he did magic shows around town. He showed me some of my first tricks, one of which I still do for the kids and on the street. I’m glad I have a lot of his old tricks and props. And I know he was born before Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and five other states were states; before the massacre of Wounded Knee; before Pat Garret, Buffalo Bill, and Wyatt Earp were dead; and before the Lincoln penny, Rose Bowl, World Series, Ford Motor Company, the Boy Scouts, and the Wright Brother’s famous flight. For heaven’s sake!