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Plainview #29

“No more tag!” The Plainview’s “No soup for you!” originated right here on Plainview #29. This is a short show as apparently we’d done one of those shows where we thought we were recording and weren’t. We also talk about Onward Christian Soldiers, Will’s yellow belt, NBC, and Sunshine.  And it’s short. So you have that going for you. Which is nice.

Plainview #20

On Plainview #20 we talk about Will’s birthday and superman, estate tax & FEMA, too much news, my 20th class reunion, movie reviews and Christ in the movies.

Remember when we had to wait a few days for our next Netflix movie?

Our libertarian rant makes me wonder if I have I become less libertarian in the last 10 years, or if my libertarian focus shifted to all the handouts the rich get from our government, maybe as the right has shifted more to the right.

Plainview #8

In this episode I refer to myself as a 39-year-old man.  Wow, that made me feel old.  Also, I get a little snotty with my mom I think.  Sorry mom.  There’s some fun references to Podcast Alley and the podcast Illinoise! Podcast Alley is apparently still a think.  And you can still listen to Illinoise! here. And it appears that I have become less libertarian than I once was.  Nowadays I do not trust the corporations with educating our kids.  The lack of accountability demonstrated by big business, partnered with government in past years, has really let me down.  Also we celebrate Maly’s adoption day on this episode.