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Old Man Celebrity Game

As my friend Carrie can attest, I invented the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game several years before someone else did. Most people probably don’t remember that game any more. Anyway, here’s my newest creation. I thought I’d get it this one out to the public so that when someone publishes it, people will know who thought of it first.

Old Man Celebrity Game. Rules – you describe a celebrity to your partner in the way that an old man might. Your partner tries to guess the movie. Here are a couple examples. Public notoriety for the first person to guess these actors.

Who is that guy who was in the movie, his love interest was the directors wife, but no the one from the piano movie; he was also in the one with the woman whose mom was in the musical where they sang that song about staying up all night; the CNN guy was in that one too?

Who is the woman who was in the comedy, it didn’t do very well, with the guy everyone loved in the 70s; he made a lot of movies, most of them funny. She was also in the sexy one with the guy who’s always so serious; he was also in the movie with woman who played a dog trainer. I think the dog trainer was married in real life to they guy who was in the big baby boomer movie with the serious guy.