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Box of Books part 4

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There for a while I was taken with pop-up books. The big pages that jumped out at you didn’t do much for me. It was the levers and dials that moved things and changed the pictures that fascinated me. There was some kind of mechanics going on in the narrow of the pages. Sometimes I could figure out what it was, sometimes I couldn’t. We only had a few of these and we had to keep them on a shelf not in our room so we didn’t tear then up. I remember one about a haunted house, Super Pickle, and this one.


My absolute favorite books when I was in grade school were the Alvin Fernald books. I read them over and over, especially this one, the amazing Inventions of Alvin Fernald. There’s some story there about rescuing an old lady or something, but it was his inventions that fascinated me. The bed maker, the automatic lawn mower, the burglar alarm. There was another book about him saving the environment, one about him becoming the mayor, and a couple other cool things. Until recently I had a stack of these books, but have since passed then on to someone who will hopefully enjoy them almost as much as I did.


I found this at grandma and granddad Sears’s and kept it. I think it used to be dad’s. It’s full of puzzles and games and stunts and even a few magic tricks from back in the 40s. A lot of match stick and checker type things. There’s one that would be fun to try at the staff Christmas party, but it would probably hurt someone. It involves getting a group of people to all kneel on one knee in a row, then giving the first one a shove and watching all of them go l like dominoes. Ah the good old days when you could injure a bunch of people with no legal consequences.