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Pencil Power

In regard to my buttons, one of my readers/friends/past students said this: When will you be showing us the jean jacket these were all attached to?

My response: I wish I had these on a jean jacket.  I had a piece of brown velvet, or velvety stuff, hanging in my room with about half of them on it. And this beauty, which I made in elementary school, held the other half.


I think this thing is from about 5th grade.  I remember making the pencil and calling it done.  The art teacher said I needed more, so I added the “Pencil Power.”  I’m sure the dots are a result of me accidentally dripping hot wax as I worked.  My guess is that any time you see a poster with dots on it like this, there’s a 10% chance that that was the original plan, and a 90% chance that the dots are a result of a dripping accident.