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I was just reminiscing the other day about the 1970s when it was fashionable to antique things. (Antique is a verb in that sentence.)  In particular I was thinking of this very piece which my mother made look old by painting and burning. That’s me as maybe a third grader, riding the horse like a proper English gentleman. I’ve recently acquired this piece as my parents have begun to clean out their basement. I suspect it will find a prominent place in my classroom.

Stick Horse


How cool is this. I think this is just a little thing that she was playing around with, a bit more than a doodle, but not much, that I commented on, told the artist how cool I thought it was, and ended up with it as a gift. I wish I knew where this artist was and what she is up to, but I have no idea.  She was a pretty capable kid, so I’m sure she’s doing great things.