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How to Cheat Your Friends at Poker

Goodreads says I read 19 books this year.  Somehow they missed one, so make that 20.  Here’s the list. 

This is my most recent read.

how to cheat

I bought this book (with a bag of books at a library sale thank god) because Penn Jillette was on the cover and it was about poker.  I should have paid attention to the first several pages which warn the reader that if you bought the book for the reasons I did and don’t really want to learn how to cheat, or don’t really want to read about the adventures of a narcissistic a-hole, then this isn’t the book for you.  I don’t even want to donate this book to the goodwill as I would hate to subject someone else to this rambling, long winded, douche.  It’s like listening to the guy who wants to tell you about the amazing things he’s said and done because he’s so amazing, but he doesn’t realize that everyone in the room is rolling their eyes at this bore.  I finished it.  I’m working out some self loathing I guess.  So in summary, I guess I wouldn’t recommend it.