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Ella Fitzgerald sings the Gershwin Song Book Vol. 2


A quick review because frankly, I didn’t care for this one much. I pulled it out of my dad’s collection on a recent trip home because of course Ella’s good, and also this record is on the Verve label. In my mind Verve carried some cache as a publisher of hip jazz. My research shows Verve and Ella made some great records. This just isn’t one of them. This record is, in a word, boring. It’s hard to believe anyone ever enjoyed this album. I picture some guy in 1959 (my father?) picked this up because it was Ella and The Gershwins, and he put it on his hi-fi to impress his date, and the music put them to sleep on the couch. At the end of side one, she wakes up and quietly tunes off the record player and let’s herself out. She does find herself humming “Someone to Watch Over Me” on her way home, something I did yesterday after listening to this record. So I guess that’s something.