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Plainview #24

Our kids, the neighborhood vandals. Student Podcasts. The movie Comedian.  The t.v. shows The Office and My Name is Earl. Matt joins Hapkido.  Mare stresses out.

It’s funny to think back to when we watch television shows at the time and dates when they were broadcast by the networks.  We only do that now if it’s a Chief’s game or there is a tornado warning.

Plainview #19

In episode #19 we respond to listener mail.  We remember when we used to get our movies at the grocery store.  We talk about a couple movies, American Splendor and Superman.  Mare predicts that her first group of 6th graders will be one of her best. (They have since graduated from high school, and her prediction holds true.) We wonder about the pledge.  And the boy impresses us with his hapkido yells.

Plainview #17

Plainview #17

Mare anticipates her first day of school.  Gosh she’s grown up so fast.  We celebrate our entry into the world of Netflix.  This would have been the dvd renting service, not streaming.  Our first movie, not yet watched at the recording of this episode?  Downfall.  If only we had known the pain that movie would cause.  Did god know?  Does he know the future?  And we remember the t.v. shows we were watching 10 years ago, Will’s love of hapkido, and Trent Green.