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Missed Out on that Sweet Government Contract


[Dad’s handwriting at the top of the letter] Check enclosed 370.72

Sun 20


Sorry I haven’t written for a while, but I talked to ya the 14th and I’ve been busy workin’ and I really haven’t had that much to tell you–still don’t.  I told D about paying me by the hour and I don’t know if he’s going to or not.  Probably depends on how close I am to 2500.  N cooked me up some beans–just got done tonight.  We went to Legal Eagles tonight.  It was pretty good.  Seems like Mike should bring some traveler’s checks or a credit card or something for out trip to L.A. cuz we’re not going to be able to write checks and we don’t what to carry around a Million Billion dollars with us.  (He may  want to bring some tapes so he doesn’t get sick of my good music). I haven’t learned squat on my git fiddle and I didn’t see any video copier.  I’m starting to make a list of places I want to go in L.A. I think it’s cool that the church is meeting in homes.  This week has been pretty busy.  I worked a couple hrs today and about 5 yesterday. But things should be slowing down to regular this week.  The fort job has been moved from Aug 2 & 3 to later so there goes my $28 an hour.  That’s what D would have had to pay me.  Thanks for your letters.  Tell everyone howdy.



P.S. American Flyers [thumbs up pictogram] – pretty good

Post-election Communion

From just after the election a couple of years ago.


I was hoping to have been assigned the communion mediation a couple weeks ago so that I could tell you who and what to vote for, so that I could make sure that you voted the way god wanted you too.  (that was a joke)

It’s hard to separate religion discussions from political discussion.  Even whether we should do that or not is another discussion in itself.  I know that in the weeks prior to the election, there was much discussion not just about politics, but about the effect the recent election had on people.  Students in my classroom got ugly with each other because of how their parents were voting.  People on facebook got ugly with each other based on where their “friends” got their news.  Even some my facebook friends, which is a relatively small and regularly-thinned-out group (thinned out even more since this last election season), my Christian facebook friends in particular, really showed their backsides, really showed that we are indeed, not perfect, not even close. Heck, we’re not even civil or pleasant or nice much of the time.

And why?  Because, I think, we loose sight.  We forget.  We forget a lot of things.  We forget that we can’t serve two masters.  We forget that birds of the field are cared for.  We forget that they will know us by our love.

We forget that it is up to us, working with God, working with each other, working with our friends and enemies, to bring about the kingdom of god, to see that, as Jesus prayed, our father’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

We forget that it is not up to the people in Washington, Jeff City, Butler or Adrian City Hall, to make this happen.  It is up to us.

So, what would it look like if we were the change we want to see in the world.  How could we help the kingdom come, without the help of our government or our news providers.

It might look like this.  Special people who need extra love and care would get it.  Grade school kids would know that someone loves them.  Kids would learn to love science, and robots, and music, and art, and p.e. (ok, they would probably love p.e. anyway); to the delight of dozens of vbs kids, this stage would become transformed to something totally cool every summer; kids in trouble with the law would be dealt with by people that, while putting up with no crap, love them; pregnant girls who need love and care, would get it; people who need food would have it delivered with a smile; kids with cancer would be rallied around and supported by their communities; people in the hospital would get visited and prayed for; neighborhood kids would be welcomed in for a visit;  little league kids would be coached; people that need work would get it; people that need help with bills would get it; neighbors who need a hand with something would only have to ask.

I know you’re ahead of me.  Yes this happens right now, from right here. These things and more.  More from this part of Christ’s body, more from other parts of Christ’s body, down the street and around the world.

This is what we can do to build the kingdom.

Being hateful to our friends, to our leaders, to our enemies.  Not going to do it.

Waiting for the right people to be elected and the right laws to be passed.  Nope.

Showing everyone how right we are.  Definitely not.

God asks of us, I think, just what he asked and got from Jesus, throughout his life up to the night he was crucified—to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with god.

So as you take the bread and the juice, I’d encourage all of us to ask ourselves, where can I start?