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Anya’s Ghost


Picked this book up in the school library today because Neil Gaiman said on the cover he liked it.  A nice story about a teen-age girl feeling like an outsider and struggling with the tension of wanting to fit but not wanting to change who she is.  Plus she has a friend who is a ghost. It made me laugh out loud a few times, at least once from the creepiness.

Midnight Party


Mark’s #48 is Midnight Party.  Midnight Party is the game that answers the question, what happens when the ghost everyone is running from in the scary movies finally catches you. This may be my favorite kids game. I’m sure I’ve played it more with adults than kids. It’s fun the amount of tension this game creates. As you roll the die and move the little plastic pieces around the board, it really feels like you’re running down the hall with a bunch of people, looking desperately for a room to dive into so the ghost doesn’t get you. It felt like this so much to the kids one day that we had to turn the light back on and then they still weren’t sure they wanted to play. (The ghost in this game is glow-in-the-dark; it’s not like we were trying to be cruel to our kids.  And it wasn’t that dark.)  Its still one we enjoy in both the light and the dark.