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This amazing Spiderman I received in recent years.  It was done by a kid I didn’t get to know very well until he was a senior.  He was for a time most well know at school for nearly dieing. The cause of his and another student’s near death experience is a common one among high school students–stupidity. The artist and another student were walking across a barely frozen lake when, as they neared its center, the ice gave out from under them.  They tried to pull themselves back up onto the ice, but every time they did, the ice would break.  They slowly worked their way toward shore, breaking ice and swimming for their lives. Their cloths heavy with ice water and their fingers worn bloody, they were about to surrender to the their apparent fate when someone driving through the park on a cold winter’s day saw their plight and called for help.  Had it not been for that bit of luck, it likely would have been a terrible school year for everyone.  Eventually safe and sound, these two were yelled at and scolded by family, friends, and acquaintances.  If this story has a moral, it’s not for teenagers to not do stupid things, as I believe trying to make that happen is a losing battle. Rather, it’s enjoy the knuckleheads in your life. Put their art on the wall. Listen to their jokes.  And hope for the best.