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Number 1 Fan

This memory of my mom comes from a high school friend of mine. You may see a bit a trend here.  Mom is a sports fan, particularly high school sports.  She cries at the finish of a hard race even when she doesn’t know the athletes, just because of the hard work the kids put in.

Hey Man.  Your mom meant the world to me…and still does. I look at her like my own. When I was growing up and my brother and sister were making bad choices, I didn’t always want to be around my house. Your mom had me over and took me in like one of her own. Elaine, would always make sure we had fun by providing food, movies, games, etc… and many times she joined us. Not only was she an encouragement there, she was my number one fan…I can remember during the football games hearing her voice above the crowd. I know many times when I didn’t feel like going on, I was afraid to stop, because I didn’t want to disappoint Elaine. After all she thought “I was the best!” So I had to perform like it. And I’ll never forget coming home from college and she accepted all my crazy friends and made them feel welcome as well. She is a true Christ-like example! Even though I live far away now, I am close at heart. Every time I drive by the house when I am in town I have stories for my children, and feel as though I need to stop and say thank you! Make sure she knows I love her, and I am looking forward to seeing her again at the fair next summer!

Later Bro,

I’m a Stan Fan

I'm a Stan Fan

Stan Parrish was K-State’s football coach for most of my time there. He was supposed to turn things around, but he won two games. If you’ve been to a K-state game in the last 20 years, know that when I was there, it was the exact opposite experience. No one went to the games. I had a friend who got sick in the student section, and there was plenty of room for everyone to shift away from it and continue watching the game. Also, even though we stank on ice, that did not keep my friend Dan and I from inventing Willie the Wildcat’s K S U move/cheer. (We should get a nickel every time he does it.). Nor did it keep us from charging the field after beating KU to bring home a piece of the goalpost and then later start a riot in Aggieville; and by us, I mean the general student body, not Gish and me.

My brother Mike: I will confirm that you and Dan started/invented the K S U cheer, with Dan on your shoulders and making the letters with his arms. Unfortunately there were only a handful of plays that merited the cheer, and even less fans to see it.

My boss Richard: I went to every single home game for three years: 1965, 1966, 1967. Old Memorial Stadium. We often carried a Gott cooler and cups through the gate with us…no questions asked. I remember beating Colorado State in the first win in years! The good ole days.