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Treadmill Films 73-81




Blue Ruin. If you ever forget what it is that violence begets, this will remind you. Sometimes it’s too late. Sometimes, hope. Great film.

Hot Fuzz. Hilarious, disgusting, fun, satisfying flick. Action-packed, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride? I think so. Aaaaaaaa! Bang bang bang!

Undefeated. Great football doc. about relationships and people struggling to do the right thing and sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding.

The Station Agent. I totally get it. People can be such an intrusion and a bother. I like a reminder that they’re also the reason we’re here.

Stories We Tell. Intriguing & surprising. Much to ponder: the effect our lives have, how well can we know each other, & love despite it all.

This is Spinal Tap. Yes, I watched it again. And again and again. This free form jazz odyssey of a film goes to 11! Talk about mud flaps!

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present. Early on I rolled my eyes at her work. Before it was over I found myself moved and sort of a fan.

The Impostor. If Hitchcock directed a documentary. I enjoy being led down the primrose path then clubbed from behind. Or was I? Or did they?

Food, Inc. Loved the happy farmer. Now I need to find a local pork and poultry source. Oh, and #Monsanto seems like a butthole of a company.

Treadmill Films 64-72


Big Night. Love this movie. Great cast. Great food. Don’t watch hungry. A metaphor here for how one should live life, i.e. big & generous.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Doc. Fascinating to imagine what we were thinking about 30k years ago. What was that last bit about albino gators?

With a Friend Like Harry. Clues you have a bad friend: kills your parents; kills your brother; then wife & little girls? Oh, spoiler alert.

Control Room. Every point of view is a view from a point (R. Rohr). So easy to think ours is the only/right one. Some glimmers of hope here.

Muscle Shoals. Interesting people. Amazing music (goosebumps). (Jerry Wexler once sat and told me (and classmates) back in the day stories.)

I am Divine. An interesting cat. Glad he felt successful at the end. Also, Beloved heavy actors–Take care of yourselves, for heaven’s sake.

Chasing Ice. A very cool and ambitious project.  Some beautiful photography. The glaciers are clearly retreating.Too late to do anything?

Deep Water. Makes you wonder how close any of us are to losing it and sailing over the edge. A circumnavigation away, or just down the road?

High Noon. Well executed tension–myth of redemptive violence vs. restorative justice. Sheriff vs Quaker. 1950s America, so sheriff wins.

Have a 3-2-4-4 Day


Have a 3-2-4-4 day. Ah, back in the day when the food pyramid was easy and not controlled by the beef & dairy industry. That’s three dairy servings, two meet, four grain, and four fruit/veg every day. I’m sure nutrition scientists have changed those numbers since the 70’s, but they were good enough for us back then.

Back in the day when Mrs. Snodgrass and Nedham would check to make sure we’d eaten some of everything before releasing us to recess.

Back in the day when Jimmy Ward would throw rolls out the open lunchroom window.

Back in the day when Kent Larsen would fling a spoonful of peas across the lunchroom while yelling “Martian turds away!”

Back in the day when we regularly received roasted marshmallow on a peach half or carrot shavings in orange jello.

Back in the day when we probably didn’t appreciate how good we had it having basically home cooked food everyday.

Back in the day when during school lunch week we had to eat everything on our plate to get a 3-2-4-4 pencil, and since Snodgrass and Nedham were wise to the hiding of food in our milk cartons, I held all my cole slaw in my mouth while she checked my tray and sent me outside with pencil proudly in hand so I could spew that nasty slaw all over the playground. Totally worth it.

But who’s Nelson?

Friend Julie: I have that button. I remember when we thought we could hide food we didn’t want to eat in our milk cartons. Mrs. Snodgrass was onto us pretty quick. And now I am one of those lunch ladies at Kennedy!!! I have actually caught a few kids doing that and it cracked me up. I let them go dump their tray anyhow.



My grandpa and uncle raised cattle. I think they were mostly pasture cattle who were fed some sorghum or corn to fatten them up at the end. They were delicious. I believe much of the recent propaganda about the feedlot beef industry to be true–the damage to and poor stewardship of the environment, cruelty to the animals, and a sugar-fed, hormone-filled, unhealthy product. And I totally get why some folks want no part of it. My uncle is retired, but we still get our beef from a farm in Marrion county Kansas. It’s almost impossible nowadays, but I think it’s important as much as you can to know where your food comes from for the sake of the environment, the animals’ well being, and our own health.