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Cheering the Moon

Here’s another memory of mom from a friend of my brother.  This guy may have been my favorite of my brother’s friends, and not just because of the collection of dirty magazines in the loft of his garage.  He was a hoot and a great guy.


As a freshman in high school, I was warming up for a race at a track meet in Abilene.  During the warm-up process, I was taking off my sweats to get lined up at the starting line.  Well, as I was removing my sweats – with my butt facing the crowd – my shorts got caught and went down with my sweats and I clearly mooned the crowd.  I thought that I was quick enough to pull my shorts back up in time for no one to notice.  I was clearly wrong.  As I turned around to ensure no one saw my full moon glory, I see Elaine jumping up out of her seat yelling “Alright (name withheld)!” along with an Arsenio Hall fist pump.


Here is another….

Elaine:  “Hey ——-, would you like a Coke”

——-: “NO way, that stuff tastes like lake water”


Of course I remember all of the times she was there cheering us on at cross country meets.  Always a big  supporter and can still hear her cheering.