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Games of the Month 1


Star Wars: Epic Duels. This game needs a reprint with the new movie. Great to mix and match character vs character.


Coloretto. Friendly family card game that soon turns into a cutthroat bar fight of a card game. That’s why I like it.


Bohnanza. Aka The Bean Game. Classic that never fails. And as Mare puts it, a realistic simulation of bean farming.


Quelf. Barely a game. More organized goofiness. Needs people willing to have fun being ridiculous. We had em.


Aquadukt. Press your luck, screw your neighbor, and build a nice Mediterranean village. Pretty, simple, and mean. Like me.

Someday I’ll Be Big Enough

I remember working on this one with my students.  They didn’t care for this assignment, and I didn’t either.  The idea was to create an illogical world, a world where anything could happen, a world where nothing made sense.  It was hard.  We all felt like what we were writing was horrible.  Then we took our illogical world, and we examined it.  Changing it as little as possible, or none if possible, we found the logic in it.  We found the truth.  Then we put it through a couple more drafts, cutting, always cutting with poetry, and finally made it look like a poem. 


Someday I’ll be big enough


“I can’t hold this thing up forever,” Dad says,

already losing his grip on the moon,

his fingers digging deeper into the dust,

searching for a hold.


“I almost have it,” the boy says.

“There it is.”  The boy grasps a purple plastic case.

The makeup inside rattles,

causing clouds to gather and a thunderstorm to begin to form,

rumbling around his waist.


“What were you doing with your sister’s makeup anyway?” the father asks,

gently putting the moon back in place.

He claps his hands and

wipes them on his pants.

The dust falls, filling in a small lake.


“Someday I’ll be big enough to touch the moon.”

The boy clutches the box to his chest,

hops on a passing cloud and calls,

“Sissy!  I found it.”

As he rides the cloud

he smells the rain coming,

the smell of clean and dirty mixed together

makes him grin.


His sister appears tiptoeing

along a ridge of mountains.

Her little feet crush aspen and pine,

and send boulders crashing down the slopes.

She snatches a handful of the broken trees and

pops them into her mouth.

The taste of pine and squirrel,

bluebird and spiders,

and a hundred other natural things

tickle her tongue.

“Sorry I lost it,” he says.

His sister stops, grins,

takes the box from her brother,

and playfully knocks him off his cloud.

My Nephew the Artist

Continuing with the family art theme this month, my nephew Zach did these two amazing pieces of my kids.  If you know my kids, you can see how sweet these are.  Even if you don’t know my kids, you get a pretty good sense of them from these two pieces.



Zach is part of web comic called Ramen Empire.

If you’d like a cool portrait like these, you can contact Zach at Fiverr, and I’m sure he’d be happy to oblige.


My New Cousin

I’m featuring family art this week.  This is something I found recently.  It’s a piece from approximately 14 years go by my cousin’s daughter Anna.  Anna’s at K-State now doing awesome things, among them, coaching crew.   She did wrote this story in anticipation of meeting my boy Will for the first time.  In the years since they don’t get to see each other often; there is a bit of an age difference.  But when he visits Manhattan, she is very cool, introduces him to her friends, and spends time visiting with him.

anna pic



If finding this clip is all that comes from this blog, then it’s all been worth it.  I’m so glad that I found this. I wish I had more, but this ten minutes is pretty great.  This is my grandma.  Today she’d be 101 years old if she was still with us.  I think this was recorded when she was 92 or so.  It would be cool to have the photos she’s looking at.  I’ll check on that.  Anyway, here’s some of the story of my people coming to America.

Now go get a recording device and have a visit with your parents and grandparents!

The Cool Cast aka Plainview #1

Here it is.  The legendary beginnings Bates county’s oldest continually  running podcast (back when it was continually running).  It wasn’t yet named The Plainview; in fact, the name was still up for debate when we went on the air.  Since this broadcast on March 24, 2005, we have indeed acquired an additional computer, and the internet has replaced our t.v. viewing, but not in the way we thought.  And our son, while still loud, I think has actually gotten quieter in the last decade.  And here’s a link to Mare’s blog, last post, March 2005.