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Treadmill Films 91-99


How to Train Your Dragon 2. Funny. Great action scenes. Cool dragons. Good is more powerful than evil. Still . . . Tasty but empty calories.

Terminator. Best 80s/Arnold/action/horror/time-paradox/stop-motion-animation/quotable-lines/Linda-Hamilton-rocking-the-mom-jeans movie EVAR!

Risky Business. Man, we were self-centered in the 80s. Bit sad. Film’s still funny. And I’m reworking calendar so kids are never home alone.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Surprisingly: steroids not really that bad for you. Less so: ignorance, hypocrisy & corruption in U.S. government.

Tangerine. Loved the pacing, dialog, music and cast. Funny, sad, hopeful. Sex isn’t a cure for loneliness. We can do better. We often don’t.

Marley. Compelling doc on an intriguing dude. Much here I didn’t know (all of it). And then I listened to his music for three days straight.

Los Angeles Plays Itself. Good if a bit lengthy essay on L.A. in film. Film, architecture, police and class discussions pretty interesting.

The Act of Killing. How to deal with guilt: Denial, justification, be a moron. What’s scary: They’re not monsters. They’re people. Like us.

Exit Through the Gift Shop. Real or not, this film, the artists and their art are fascinating whether trying to make a statement or a buck.