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Aqua Velva Granddad

I tried to mashup a couple facebook posts my cousin and I traded after a meetup a couple months ago. I thought it could be cut into a sort of conversation poem. The beginning sounds to me like we’re gearing up to sing a duet on a 70’s variety show.  But I like where it ends up.

So good to see cousin Kari and her kids last night. Summers spent with her and her brother Brandin at Granddad Sears’s place in the southeast Kansas boonies are highlights of my childhood memories.

Matt, you nailed it.  I’ve tried to express what was special about that place, and this is it exactly.  It was not just the place but the people, and not just the people but also the place.

In hindsight, those nights spent in the tent or lean-to, my cousins, my brother, and me, with the coyotes roaming around us, or at least across the road, were some of my first experiences with a world bigger than Dickinson County, Kansas.

For this metropolitan cousin it was a wonderland, and my cousins were different from us, but also so much the same.

Stories from my cousins of a Seattle school with hundreds and hundreds of students.

The coyotes, the TV antenna.

This game soccer, which was played competitively for a whole season, not just a few days in P.E.

The inevitable ticks that just weren’t a big deal,

the horse,

the dogs,

the trenches.

Their dad, my uncle, the Vulcan who took his face off at night.

Sending grasshoppers into space on bottle rockets (“First grasshopper in space!!!”)

We’d while away the night figuring out what the first though third base really equated to on a date. (This long before I had ever rounded first.)

The cantaloupes!

the “rockety road.”

And the horrible, long and pointless jokes whose punch lines became as funny (to us) alone as they did attached to the jokes.

The fishing pond,

the Aqua Velva granddad.

Highlights of my childhood memories.

Not just the place but the people, and not just the people but also the place.