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Summoner Wars


Mark’s #27 game is Summoner Wars.  I wrote a bit about this one previously. Since then I’ve played a few games via the iPad with Mark and have been soundly thumped. Well, there may have been a close game or two, but he’s beaten me every time, once on his first turn.

As I said before, there’s a lot of game here in just a half hour of play. The Master Set comes with 6 different factions– different armies really– different types of elves and dwarves and undead and such. And because new decks are relatively cheap, I picked up a few more just for fun. The game pits one faction against the other in a pretty straightforward draw cards, play cards, move, attack with dice, strengthen your ability to play cards next turn. Each army has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and part of the game is learning how the different decks work. This I’m still learning, and is one of the reasons Mark keeps beating me. That and my poor tactical skills.

summoner war

Maly and I, on the other hand, are pretty evenly matched. We are currently playing through a bracket using each of our factions. In theory we’ll know the strongest faction and the strongest player when we’re done. But mostly it’s just fun. That’s the thing about this game. Even when you lose, even consistently, because of an inspired play by your opponent, or a couple bad rolls of the dice, or just bad play on your own part, it’s still fun. It’s interesting to see how the different factions interact. It’s nice to pull off an amazing play, and if you’re a good sport, watch your opponent surprise you. Each game, each war, results in a story. And that’s one of the reasons I play games.

summoner wars