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What My Friends Think of My Mom

For New Year’s Eve I’m continuing with memories of mom, this time from one of my high school friends.  Three more of my friends’ memories will come in the following weeks. Years or decades go by between my seeing of these guys who I used to spend time with nearly every day.  So my New Year’s encouragement this year would be to reconnect with old friends, and appreciate the loved ones you get to spend time with now.  Happy New Year!

For mom’s birthday:

I don’t have one particular story that I can share, I just remember Elaine as “mom”, possibly a second mom. I always felt at home in the Sears house, whether it was playing Dungeons and Dragons, computer games, or watching movies with youth group, she was just “mom” to me, and I think everyone else. Speaking of movies though, I’ve wondered in later years what she was thinking by letting the church youth group watch Children of the Corn down in the basement, but we managed to turn out OK in spite of that.

I also remember her at most, if not all, of our cross country meets, standing with my mom, cheering us on. They spent a lot of time in cold and wind just to watch us run for a few minutes. Actually just to catch a few glimpses of us during those few minutes.

My memory of mom is that she was *always* positive, always upbeat, and always welcomed everyone with open arms. Most recently this last December, I was visiting my parents in Abilene and ran into mom. She smiled, as she always does, and gave me a big hug. We lost our youngest daughter to cancer last summer, and mom didn’t try to find elaborate words to express her sorrow, she just hugged me, and said “we’ve been thinking so much about you.”

Love ya mom! A very happy birthday to you from Arizona.