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Plainview #33

A long episode this week where we talk a bit about movies, some we’ve seen, and some we haven’t–still haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain. Mare sort of declares victory regarding the death penalty challenge, and yet it sort of continues. Blasts from the past include our Windows 98, looking for a god podcast, and DARE and indoctrination. And there’s a song.

Box of Books part 3

More books from the box of books . . .

fear and loathing

I started reading Thompson when he was writing about the Reagan administration in Rolling Stone when I was in college. It was those articles that lead me to the books. I didn’t read them all, but most of them. Fear and Loathing made a bit of an impact on me. I hadn’t read anything like it before. It was one of those books that lead to other explorations of strangeness, both in other art and in life. I think all my Thompson books, read and unread, were given to a nephew several years ago. This garage sale paperback was picked up a couple years ago for old time’s sake. Plus it has the original Steadman artwork which is pretty sweet. Never saw the movie.

been down

I think I would have made a better beatnik than a hippy. This is another beatnik book. I don’t remember where it came from, but it was during my K-State days. Years later I don’t remember the story’s details, but I do remember the main character’s general angst about what he was going to do with his life. Looking back at my reading and writing from the time, that’s something I wrestled with more than I remember. I did do some anxious wandering back in the day.


Another beatnik I think. I have two of Brautigan’s books, one poetry, one prose, purchased together at a used bookstore before is ever heard of Brautigan, based solely on the covers and a brief reading of a couple pages. I love both books. Short clever pieces that truly find the universal in the specific. Sometimes hopeful, mostly sad, just like Brautigan’s life. His stuff is worth seeking out I think. A lot of its probably on the web. I’m glad I have my paper copies. I’ve included a few samples.

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