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Two Birds


This one, two birds, is I believe a linocut, like a woodcut, where you carve a picture into the block and then ink it and stamp it onto paper or something else, but with linoleum instead of wood. I like that it’s like when someone says “see those two bird in that tree,” and you have to look for them to see them, and even then you’re still not sure if you’re seeing what your friend sees. The artist here is by an actual artist. She’s a performing artist rather than a visual artist. But she pretty talented at whatever she puts her hands to. What she mostly does is dance. It’s interesting.  I’d like to tell you she’s a great dancer, and I really believe she is. But other than at prom a few years ago, and at an elementary school talent show several years before that, I’ve never seen her dance. My opinion that she is a great dancer is based on my opinion of her as a person (she’s kind and generous and fun), her work ethic (you can read about it here–I added her blog to my friends list there on the right of this page), and the amazing photos of her dancing. Someday she’ll be a New York City Rockette or dance for some other cool dance company. And she was my student and my kids’ baby sitter, so no big deal.

So I’m bragging on this kid a bit, but truth be told, this is how I feel about many (most?) of my past students. After teaching *cough* years, one acquires a fair sized collection of past students. And mine is an amazing group–teachers, engineers, waitresses, cops, welders, counselors, security guards, moms, dads, writers and musicians.  To be honest I don’t even know what most of my past students do.  But the things I said about the two-bird dancer would apply to them as well. Except I don’t believe any teacher or engineer has looked this cool teaching or engineering.