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Pork from Kansas

pork from kansas

Dad said later that it didn’t really look I wanted to catch that pig. Yeah. I didn’t want to catch that pig any more than the man in the moon. There I was backstage at the Abilene Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo, with a bunch of other 10-year-olds. We were being ushered past shoots and gates and into the arena along with a shoot full of greased pigs. How did I get here? I don’t remember how exactly, but as I’ve analyzed my life over the years, I see that with few important exceptions, I have followed the path of least resistance. So I imagine a conversation something like this between me and my parents. Them: You want to chase greased pigs at the rodeo? Me: I don’t know. Them: Sure you do! Me: Ok.

So there we were, being introduced. And there go the pigs, squealing madly, slicked down with lard, a herd of kids running after them. It took me no time at all to figure out that if I caught one of these things, I would have to grab and subdue the filthy thing and haul it to the pickup truck in the middle of the arena. Uh, no thanks.

I ran with a group of kids toward the pickup truck. Some of the pigs had run under the truck to hide. A couple kids had got a hold of a couple different pigs, one on one side of the truck, one on the other. The pigs were squealing like pigs do, sounding like their insides were being ripped out. I wanted none of this. I moved from one side of the truck to the other, acting like I was trying to reach a pig, but not quite able to do it. Darn it.

Finally one of the country kids, in his bright blue wranglers, white button up shirt and straw cowboy hat, dragged a screaming pig to base, winning the glory, and putting an end to the contest for the rest of us. Thank god.

Wyatt Earp

Mark’s game number 83 in his countdown is Wyatt Earp.

I bought this card game years ago to play with my wife.  It’s been out for over 10 years; I’m surprised this is the first time it’s appeared on Mark’s list.  It’s an Old West themed rummy game.  By playing cards in front of them, players are trying to score more points for various cowboy outlaws in order to collect the reward money–little dollar bills that get placed on reward posters throughout the course of the game. There are also cards that allow you to do cool things or to hurt your opponent.  After someone has collected $25,000 in reward money (usually 4 or so hands), that person wins.  The game works great with just 2 people, and while there are decisions to be made, it’s essentially rummy, and my wife and I can visit while we play.  It also works great with three or four.  And it can be easily explained to and played by anyone as it’s not a rule-heavy game.  So I’ve played this some with the non-gamers in my life as well.

Finally, I like the theme.  The wild west theme in games is under represented, especially in my collection.
wyatt earp